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The AoM Duo is a Musical Duo born in 2015, composed of Daniele Pasquero and William Vidale.

The duo offers their musical compositions and some versions of the most popular Mantra. The music is evocative, perfect to accompany you to the deep meditation, are capable of carrying a human being on a journey within himself, the music is complex, deep, to listen to.

Masters in their own musical techniques and instruments, Daniele and William have at their disposal an important musical curriculum and a respectable instrumental set; starting from The Emeralds tree didgeridoos, tuned with antique tuning fork, set of Gong, patented clappers, Tibetan bells and guitar.

The scenography of their concerts is the place itself, the location illuminated by their colorful and soft lighting. They have chosen to play on the hills, in the woods, ancient taverns, natural arenas, castles, beautiful places to live sensory experience on many levels.

The live concert is full of subtleties of sound, dense, well-kept in the hidden details.
The concert follows the natural process of things, as taught by the great masters, gurus and mathematics notes.
The music follows the breath which is Life, and Energy dynamic that, in these concerts, stands touching spiritual levels.


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Everything is Energy

the entire experience revolves around this essential, Unique, decisive factor.
The Duo AoM born from sound meditation of his musicians, and at the base there is a long musical and holistic experience, the energy involved is measurable with the best known of Radiasthesy tools.

The Duo has worked for energy research in the field of Radiasthesy, allowing professionals to make several measurements of tools, places and people.

Not for everyone, but for those who are tempted to look into.

Here is a brief excerpt of a private session, to listen through headphones.
Gāyatrī गायत्री mantra , Oṃ Maṇi Padme Hūṃ ॐ मणि पद्मे हूँ mantra and more.
Our way of transmit the beautiful and ancient sacred mantras , the most powerful vibrations and the overtones.
All the instruments and voices are tuned with a ancient temperaments and diapason between 428hz and 432hz

The Duo AoM often collaborates with studies Yoga and holistic associations by providing their knowledge. They hold seminars, where required, to deepen together the theme “body and sound frequencies” and are available for practical sessions, listening and experience.

CDs are available for personal meditation, as well as CD to accompany Your Mantra.
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