Didgeridoo masterclass, deep, for concert and Meditation

The Emeralds tree comes from the need, after careful research on sound and vibration.
We wanted a didgeridoo able to meet certain requirements, an instrument that had life.



We intone our musical instruments using diapason A = 432 Hz, and ancient tunings.
It is the most natural way, in accordance with the laws of the universe, of the sun, of the constellations and the nature. We all know that the current equal temperament is a forcing, and we are small rebels. The sound difference is minimal, but a well-trained ear can capture the difference, just as everyone can reap the benefits from the vibrations, where they are. An instrument vibrational and vibrating like a didgeridoo, must fully satisfy certain requirements, ethical and sound. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m very demanding and I do not consider didgeridoo those made of plastic, tubes suitable for sinks, pseudo didge decorated with all sorts of lizards and many other inventions that impoverish a didgeridoo instead celebrate the richness of an instrument created sacred. Of course we all know that any pipe sounds, but I am a supporter of quality. For me a good didgeridoo is a didge in WOOD, worked conscientiously and with knowledge of the facts, without hurry, it must be tuned and perfected in an excellent manner. The tuning of a didgeridoo is a very long process, the instrument must be played and played. With wood, moreover, you may not be in a hurry, from the trunk may take years before starting his metamorphosis. On “how we do it” you will find the choice of materials and construction details.


When we started to offer online in 2012 our sound sculptures, our didgeridoo tuned to 432 Hz, we did not know how we would be received, but we started with an ideal, and it is the one to which we have been faithful, in spite of the possible concerns that there could be directed by those who had a different approach with the instrument.
For us it was a natural thing, for years we had carried forward the research on sound and frequencies, our musical instruments were already sung in different temperaments..

It’s been a real pleasure to see that we have aroused the interest of many people, stimulated their curiosity, it was a pleasure to invite friends and help to deepen their research. It ‘been a pleasure to see the fruits of our seed sprouted in the things around, starting with the many didgeridoos retuned to 432 hz.

I want to remind to those who have changed the intonation, that is not enough to play the didge to make serious music therapy on third parties, but, however, the intonation itself is a good method for self regulation, for self healing, and, most importantly, for individual and collective meditation .
Making of music therapy on third parties, in fact, requires method and sensitivity.
Return to us.
Each instrument that is born here, has a why and a life of its own. They are unique pieces, loved, treated with care, in the world there is someone to whom they are intended. We like to think that they will serve their purpose among other hands.

We want dedicate to these few words their right space, give them value.

  • diamante-sezioni-meditazioneTreat each piece means, for us, meditation and contemplation in the work itself.

That’s why in the description of some of our didgeridoo you will find treatments defined by us as “air, earth and fire.” They are special methods that we use during the excavation, with sacred care .

  • We measure the frequency of each didgeridoo.


We tested our didgeridoos with sensitive instrumentation, both at rest and in a meditative sound session. The result was sensational. The energy released by the instrument at rest, I refer to ours, made in a certain way and with a great imprint, it is much higher than that given off by the average human being. The same instrument, played for meditation or in public, it reaches very high peaks, like places considered sacred. Obviously, the musician is the first recipient of this energy, but it is clear that those who are in the same place, enjoy the same sound frequencies.
We share power, organizing events dedicated to ourselves and to the universe. Events in collaboration with the Association l’Albero di Smeraldi. Invite only. Contact us if you want to know more.

HARMONIC FREQUENCY, the didgeridoo is a natural extension of yourself

ChakrasOur RESEARCH in the sound field and the correlation between frequencies and chakras, has led us to lean out in what is a vast and complex field.
We can associate a note to one of the 7 main chakras, tune perfectly in a way that the frequency corresponds to the frequency associated with the actual note, but what makes the didgeridoo a very special instrument, is that the sound box of the didgeridoo is an extension of the sound box of the player. Everyone produces vibrations and unique sounds, which differ in timbre and resonance from each other as fingerprints.

You must choose your instrument well, it’s the vibrational extension of the body.
In music therapy, in the awakening of the chakras, this aspect is very important.

The measurements taken in the studio on our instruments are compared with more players under different conditions (temperature – time – environment)
with either measuring digital / analog that with piano and other instruments (previously tuned). The average of these measurements adheres to the statement for each didgeridoo in a precise manner, however, is an individual situation, only the player will determine the actual frequency end.

Everyone can produce harmonic sounds that are related to their own personal timbre.

Revealed the symphony of life, proteins vibrate like bells. Article.

Surely with the didgeridoo we have a holistic approach.
There are several breathing techniques, the didgeridoo is the only one with which to experiment and live meditation based on breath. It ‘a technique of conscious breathing and continues, able to bring the benefits of oxygenation to the body and mind. Several disciplines are based on breathing techniques, others use them. Where to learn? From various sources, literature, on the web, or here with us, and by appointment, on demand. If you are away and you pleased to entrust to a teacher, feel free to contact us, maybe we will tell you those who can help. Why learn? Because once you learn a capacity you get a useful tool, available for a lifetime. For the same reason, I always recommend to parents to give their children at an early age the opportunity to know certain relaxation techniques, especially meditation, because, in addition to increasing the ability to concentrate, they will have in the future this immense treasure, a potential ready to be used in every field and occasion, both to order between thoughts, both for the search of own inspiration.

COURSES, SEMINARS and days dedicated to music and to the individual well-being.
We offer spaces for teachers and practitioners of holistic disciplines, for exhibitions and private concerts, at our discretion and only when related to our philosophy of life.

Contact us, or watch how we do what we do or go to the GALLERY of our available didgeridoos .

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