DSC00689aWood: Cedar, aromatic and strong

length: 205 cm bell: 20 cm x 9,5 cm
mouth: 28/30 mm

Interior excavation with special processing and care, privileged sound and intonation

TONE: C# (2) based on A=432 Hz equal tempered, carefully detected
actual real  frequency 68 Hz

1° Toot Bb
(114 Hz114,33 Hz)

Sound: this didge sounds deep, nuanced, very harmonious and full of frequencies. Tune in the original and primordial diapason, transmits sound vibrations in perfect and resonant wave. Ideal for individual sessions, meditative, therapeutic, sound massage, …etc. Found the resonance point in an empty room, the sound full and satisfying will make you live a new experience.

Listen to the Sound: I suggest headphones




backpressure: high

processing and finishing: filling of the nodes with pure resin and minerals. Exterior finish with natural oil and shellac, interior finish with natural oils. This type of finish, requires periodic oiling (every six months minimum) for the maintenance and care of the instrument. It ‘a very simple procedure, I will give you all the necessary information.

Associated with 1° Chakra MULADHARA 

Energy: Earth, is the seat of the Kundalini energy earthly, material
Color: red, coral red
Location: lower part of the pelvis and genital area, gonads
Representation: snakes, dragons, sacred fire
Cause of: passion, anger, fear, joy, energy, survival, material energy
Seat: the will to live

Price: didgeridoo not available

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