December 5 doors open. the magical land of Christmas

November 27, 2015 in Blog, Events by the Emeralds tree

sm-logoAlso this year, in Govone, will be held the magical land of Christmas, one of the most beautiful in Italy, full of shows and events. We are right next to the castle and in fact the street market is easily accessible, even walking. Easily so to speak, it is uphill, huh … we are on a hill, here’s all a climb or downhill.
From November 28 to January 6, this country is transformed. You see many campers, are created parking nearby, people move on free transfers, there are stands, shows, children with red hats of Santa Claus, there is something for all tastes. You, my didge-friends, can come and make a trip with family and friends and everyone will find something to do.ย You can choose a program from the website (click image above), but be aware that, if you are interest in a show in particular, must be booked in advance, because it is common knowledge that it will make sold out in no time. Back to us.

From Saturday, December 5, to Tuesday, December 8, by The Emeralds tree you will find the complete exposure of the didgeridoo, a warm place where you can try all the instruments, miked and not, with the assistance of Daniel.

Will be available the music room and the instrumentation, of course, also a coffee or a warm drink.

The invitation is for those who are considering the purchase of a didgeridoo, as to those who want to try instruments of high quality wood, completely handcrafted and with a great vibrational imprinting. The invitation is for those who want to dive between sound frequencies of our big deep, as to those who want to try the goodies techniques more manageable (we have a few baby, but classy;) The invitation is also to friends scattered throughout Italy, and especially friends of didge, maybe with the occasion of the Christmas market, they can finally come to see us.

In addition to the instruments on show, are available also wooden stand.

If you want to take this opportunity and make a trip, write us.



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