Earth didgeridoo

October 24, 2013 in Blog, Didgeridoo by the Emeralds tree

the dawn light revealed the beauty of the elm wood, slipping between his scars as liquid dew.

earth1Earth is a piece of elm wood dried, shaped and engraved, directly from nature.
“Earth” was taken care by us with love and dedication, to bring it back to its original splendor, using only natural methods and vegetable oils.
inside this didge, have been reproduced sacred geometries, because it is with humility and devotion
that we turn to the Universe.
On the bell, a rough malachite azurite. (in the diagram of crystal therapy as solar plexus purifier)

Length: approximately 160 cm
mouth: 29 mm internal
natural bell: 15 cm x 9 cm
TONE ‘: D- based on diapason 432 hz
frequency: average recorded 71.5 hz article link
1 toot F3 reported average frequency 172 hz
2 ° toot C# 4 frequency detected 272 hz

Sound: The sound is warm, enveloping, rich bass and smooth.
perhaps nature itself of the drying, has made ​​particularly resonant the internal harmonic case.
the study of the volumes in the internal excavation, emphasizes and simplifies the execution of modern and ancient techniques, making satisfying all the detached and complex rhythmic breaths.
its sound volume and its harmonic, include it in the instruments indicated for therapeutic purposes.
certainly pleasant performed alone or in company.

*very soon we’ll share on line the sounds files

Finish: particular visual impact, due to a natural twist of the trunk. the tree grew twisted on a cliff, and insects and weather have left traces of their passage. The finish is a mix of our high-quality vegetable oils. Requires periodic maintenance, in the long term, depends on the care in the storage of the instrument.

Price: 370 €
for purchase and transport costs, please contact us with your name and your address to: You will be contacted with details for payment and shipping as soon as possible.

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