Fabulae Cedrina

July 18, 2013 in Blog, Didgeridoo by the Emeralds tree



Wood: Cedar, aromatic and resistant

length: 180 cm
mouth: 43 mm external,  conical inner 28/32 mm

NOTE: Eβ (2)
intonation based on A = 432 Hz equal temperament accurately surveyed

frequency 77.3 Hz (see the article)

Sound: Light as a feather, apparently thin as a sheet of wood, this didgeridoo becomes a resounding drum. Responding accurately and quickly. It sounds dry and pleasantly modulated on high frequency. Suitable for freestyle and drum & beats.

Fabulae Cedrina is tuned on 432 Hz and as always its sound wave is perfect.


Backpressure high

Ease of Use: Very easy

It ‘easy to carry, this makes it an ideal companion for an evening of music and meditation.

Processing and finishing: External finish in natural oil and shellac, interior finish with natural oils. This type of finish, requires periodic oiling (every six months minimum) for the maintenance and care of the instrument. It ‘a very simple procedure, I will give you all the necessary information.

Code: #C05

Price: Fabulae Cedrina is not longer available.


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