La Nuit Walnut didgeridoo

September 9, 2014 in Blog, Boutique, Didgeridoo by the Emeralds tree

La Nuit

Walnut Didgeridoo


What attracts of La Nuit, is definitely its elegance, its sinuous line, its lightness.

Is the soft curve of the snake, is a lunar landscape, has the reflection of the night like a mantle on him.

La Nuit is special, it’s cheeky, it’s beautiful.

La Nuit is’ a didje handy and richly detailed, has many possibilities, suitable and recommended to
quite skilled musicians.

Wood: old walnut tree “dried on site”, coming from our woods in the Roero, Unesco heritage.

Lenght: 155 cm
Weight: 2,9 kg
Bell: 14 cm x 14 cm

Mouthpiece: glass and quartz, internal 29 mm x 30 mm.

Finish: Food epoxy, pure, flexible and of high quality. Detail of stone.

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La Nuit

La Nuit

Note: F#
(Naturally tuned with diapason 432 hz)
The sound is taut, compressed, fast, accurate and very dynamic.
1° Toot  E    2° Toot B
very incisive and powerful, perfect for the modern and fast techniques, freestyle and beat box.

Sound sample:



The more experienced musicians will get several shades of sound from the base note. Minimal movements demonstrate tonal changes and harmonic very pronounced, this feature is pure CREATIVITY.

I like to include this instrument among the instruments capable of evolve the sound experience, if you have the skill.

This is the reason why I recommend La Nuit to quite experts musicians, who can explore all its cavities and its possibilities. It ‘a didje with which you can really have fun.

The Volume is impacting in acoustic, balanced and focused on mid / high frequencies.
Miked is perfect and important.

La Nuit is currently AVAILABLE

Price: DIDGERIDOO   € 450,00
For the purchase and shipping charges, please contact us with your name and your address on: You will be contacted with details for payment and shipping as soon as possible.

As always, the photos were taken in the home environment, without retouching. I’m not a photographer.
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