Mandala Didjeridoo

January 7, 2020 in Blog, Didgeridoo by the Emeralds tree

Mandala Didgeridoo was born from a really imposing Walnut tree, it was part of a steep, inextricable jungle. It has grown a lot in height among the other trees, has risen a lot in search of the sun. Its 4 mt and 70 cm trunk had no knots or curves, a healthy and so perfect plant that surprised my father and me. I did not miss the chance to save it and, with some understandable difficulties, we managed to transport it behind my house, where the tree remained to dry for 2/3 years.

Once ready, to my utmost regret I had to cut it to 3 meters, to make it transportable in a car. It was then filed during processing at 282 cm, for intonation reasons.

I wanted to create something special. In the past I had done special deep didjes (very narrow body, very large bell, several experiments) and I wanted to find the same unique playability. Once a musician came from Milan and told me “playing this deep didje is like playing a D, yet it is a sensational low A, make others like that!” .

Well, with mandala didje the intent was the same: to create a single, undivided body, at the limit of transportability. I didn’t want to have material differences, junctions, iron, I didn’t want to have other materials that changed the waveform. I wanted a single body, of course sandwich construction, but a single body. I wanted the vibration from the top to go to the bottom in one sprint.

Mandala didgeridoo

Wood Walnut tree,
from the Piedmont hills.

Note: G # (tuned with A = 432 hz)

1° Toot LA 2
2° Toot MI 3

length282 cm

Construction details:
carefully excavated down to the smallest detail while maintaining a constant and fairly thin thickness given the hardness of the wood, the absence of knots, the perfection of the piece. Once joined it was refined and tuned. coated at intermediate points with Shungite powder.

Quartz and resin mouthpiece
as per tradition of The emeralds tree.

to this wonder, very long and monochrome, only the final touch was missing and here comes the artist Ilaria Gaccetta (who is also my wife). A beautiful mandala was painted on the bell, a painstaking and precious work that this Walnut fully deserved. Mandala Didjeridoo has thus been completed and made a unique piece.

Sound details:
Bass G #, the same playability as a D. Gorgeous sound. Concert instrument, professional, full-bodied, serious. Defined harmonics, exceptional playability in 282 cm.

Association with the Fifth chakra Vishuddha

Location: throat, thyroid, larynx
Function: Communication, openness to others, listening
Color: Blue, Light Blue
Energy: Ether, spirit, sound
Meaning: Hearing
Upper Mental Body
Crystals and stones: All blue stones, Lapis Lazuli, aquamarine, sodalite, chalcedony, sapphire, turquoise
Mantra: Ham
Note: Sol
Resonant frequencies: 741, 185.25, 429, 392 Hz. SOL (G)
Animal: Elephant
Traditionally associated powers: Success. Knowledge of past, present, future. the Vishuddha presides over all the functions of communication and personal expression; Vishuddha could also be defined as the most powerful and influential of the Chakras. The highest and most effective forms of creativity correspond to him. Physically, the vocal cords and all the organs of the word correspond to him, the thyroid gland and the laryngopharyngeal plexus.

Price: MANDALA DIDJERIDOO (with custom-made padded case) is no longer available
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Ilaria Gaccetta 


This is one of those times when I regret not having professional photos. In fact, I would like to show you Mr. Mandala Didjeridoo in its entirety, to accompany you on its soft sinuous line, to have that master touch that captures in its image its best profile, the one kissed by divine light.

Instead, I use the photos taken by me, without filters and, as you will notice, the images are certainly not professional, no contrast correction, no tonal change, if anything a reduction in terms of k and pixels for fast loading on the web.

Yet, Mandala Didjeridoo doesn’t care about the photos and his best profile, of the abandoned pixels, he is really like that, BEAUTIFUL in every light, he presents himself majestic, elegant, precious. Regal. Perhaps, surely, one of the most beautiful didjeridoo I’ve ever seen.

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