Sound Meditation . Sunday, November 6 Bra Italy didgeridoo & mantra

October 22, 2016 in Blog, Events by the Emeralds tree

meditazione sonora

The AoM duo ( Daniele Pasquero & William Vidale ) will accompany you in this wonderful Sound experience .

What it is:
is a powerful and involving individual journey
LISTENING, relaxation and active MEDITATION,
thanks to VIBRATIONS, to the breath, to the harmonic overtone singing and mantras.

Instruments and chants are tuned with ancient diapason (428-432 Hz) in full respect of Universal laws.

At the end of the session there will be some moments of sharing:
– Cleansing of the chakras with the voice
– Collective Harmonization

See you in Bra. CN. Italy

Per prenotazioni ed informazioni contattate
lo studio Yoga di Bra
Claudia Tel. 339 1530912

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