April 30, 2014 Seminar conscious breathing and meditation with didgeridoo

the black swan


The didgeridoo is an ancient instrument, born among the Australian Aborigines, more than two thousand years ago. Today it is spread all over the world, built and also worked with modern techniques and materials. The wooden building is still what diversifies an instrument to the other, making it unique sound and vibration. In music therapy is not yet widely used, those who want to practice it needs to know to play and play the didgeridoo requires knowledge and practice of conscious breathing, or circular breathing.
The didgeridoo is an instrument that benefits the one who plays it, and those which are traversed by its natural vibration as in the sound massage.

The Emeralds Tree builds wooden didgeridoo digging the trunks in contemplation, with holy reverence. The instruments are tuned with diapason and the ancient sound is researched and accurately measured. Each instrument has its own frequency, which can vary minimally, according those who play it, depending on the diaphragm of the player. We will present and will talk about circular breathing and its benefits, we’ll show you what it is. We’ll talk about vibrations and frequencies, the way in which these affect our body. We’ll talk about individual sound massage and music therapy, we will discuss relaxation group and we will pay, if you lend it for example. We’ll tell you what has brought us on the path we are taking, and if you will be there that night, it’s because, perhaps, we have the same direction …

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