The Black Swan didgeridoo

February 28, 2014 in Blog, Didgeridoo by the Emeralds tree

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The Black Swan

The Black Swan

The Black Swan is a Chestnut wood didgeridoo, especially created for an Italian musician, professional performer.

  • It ‘s a Technical didgeridoo 

in order to satisfy certain sound requirements, were needed a close study and an careful work, all accompanied by a dose of curiosity, an essential component to welcome each new challenge and give vent to the inventiveness.

The Black Swan was excavated carefully, 
is a didgeridoo with different internal volumes, treated differently from each other so as to have different resonance zones.


  • The Black Swan carries within itself a hidden world made ​​of mantra, caves and trails, reveals his smooth skin surface, and a bed of lines and veins that run through the entire length, so delicate,
    making almost slight all the traces left by seasons,
    gentle stroking the scars that have tarnished its hard bark.

For processing have been used, wood, glass, quartz and resin.

the Black Swan - detail -

the Black Swan – detail –

tuned on La=432 Hz equal temp 

SOUNDextremely dynamic and versatile, suitable for modern techniques and executions fast and very fast. Toot in the same octave of the drone, close, precisely and quickly, suitable for breathing “in toot” with a high-impact volume and attack .

Rich in harmonics and a back pressure of dreams.


Sound test of The Black Swan by Manuel Tappa, italian professional didgeridoo player. Headphone raccomanded.

recorded with shure sm 58 beta a – sm 57

BLACK SWAN Foto Gallery 



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