Chackra Dhyana Sound Meditation by AomDuo

March 27, 2018 in Blog, Events by the Emeralds tree

AomDuo & Studio Yoga a.s.d.c.

CHACKRA DHYANA guided sound meditation.

Reciting a mantra is a very ancient practice present in many traditions, generates a great inner charge and, unlike silent practice, has a very strong energetic influence deriving from the power of the word.

Even just mentally reciting a mantra, subtle mental vibrations are set in motion that interact with the universe, with living beings, with situations.

The mind is empty or interdependent, the vibrations of the mantric sound activate the hidden powers, for this reason the practice has always been known as the path of the energy that moves following the rules of the universal law of cause and effect.

The use of sounds for spiritual purposes has always been a universally used technology.

When we think, sing or recite a mantra, we invoke ourselves and in the environment a certain quality of the Divine, the mantra is energetically united with a divine quality. The repetition of an even incomprehensible phrase, even without awareness, brings out the deepest part of ourselves.

CHAKRA DHYANA is a powerful advanced meditation technique, practiced by Hindu sages for more than 5,000 years. This practice is concentrated on the chakras, the activation of these energy centers opens the doors to the expansion of one’s consciousness towards the higher states of Divine Existence.

“The world is how you think it is.

Everything is possible to limit the separation are illusions.

Energy goes where the attention is directed.

All power comes from within. “

(Principles of Huna)

A sound journey led by AoMduo, Daniele and William.

Practice of dhyana chakra and mantra. Instruments and sonorities in harmony with universal laws, tunings at 432hz.

One of the best ways to benefit from the real vibration of speech and sound is live listening. We are waiting.

Thank you

SUNDAY, APRIL 22 h. 10.00
to start the day in a very good way

ALBA Corso Europa 140 / M (ample parking)

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