Deep Cedar

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Deep Cedar, the gentle giant.

WOOD: Cedar

LENGTH: 264 cm

BELL: 16 x 24 cm

MOUTHPIECE: inside 30 mm outside 45 mm

: mouthpiece resin and quartz – didgeridoo with treatment of  fibers with pure resins and  quartz, natural oils.

NOTE: A (Naturally tuned with diapason 432 hz)
54 hz

Despite its size, I can say that those who have had the opportunity to try it, has always expressed amazed by its exceptional playability, almost comparable to a didge in D or E. (of course you need to have a little practice with deep)


Playing Deep Cedar is an experience, is fascinating, special.
A miracle of harmonics constantly accompanies the base drone, giving to the sound shades and echoes.

It is very resonant because of meticulous processing, I personally carved out up to make the walls thin as I like, I’m punctilious about what concerns some details, I know it. When I do some work, time goes almost without my noticing, my hands move on their own while my mind travels, in contemplation, between lines and smooth curves, in material and beyond.

In the end,  when I think I know everything about him, when I think I know every vein and every hidden space, I realize that the truth is otherwise: He knows everything about Me.

Deep Cedar takes you on a journey in which you will be naked and slight, always.
Deep Cedar is beautiful like a flower with a long stem, in bloom, the only decoration that suggests the petal, is a flow of white quartz. Sometimes I would have liked to paint and decorate my didgeridoo, my wife is a painter, but she has often refused to do it, for several reasons. She says they are so beautiful, natural, and an instrument for meditation and music of a certain type, must be like a blank canvas, not impose its decoration that could in any way interfere with your path.

She says it’s the musician who should decorate his instrument, or the instrument be the decorum of the musician. I think she’s right. Deep Cedar, indeed, it is beautiful as it is. Imposing and lightweight form. A sculpture emotional and sonorous.


DEEP CEDAR panoramica

A musician deserves to play with an instrument that attracts the looks and that is able to increase his skill, must be a didgeridoo powerful, recognizable, fascinating.
Deep Cedar is definitely one of those, but for now it is not for sale. However, feel free to contact me if you are interested to this didgeridoo and I’ll see what I can do for you.
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 FOTOGALLERY Deep Cedar. Photo kindly taken by my friend Stefano.

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