Cherry Tree Didgeridoo double drone

Didgeridoo Special Deep Double-drone


This is the story of a surprise.

After waiting so long that the wood was ready, I finally started the excavation of this beautiful cherry tree wood, focused on deep didge I wanted to achieve. So far, everything is normal. Fantastic as always.

Then … line by line, touch after touch, I realized that this cherry was offering me a chance, quietly suggested a definite direction.

I followed the instinct and at the end, the didgeridoo that I had in my hands, it was not only a magnificent deep, but also a bi-drone.

The inside has given me two separate hollows, in which the sound can range from a low of G to the heights of an F #, so defined. If you have the skills and some familiarity with the deep didge, this is a tool that allows the freedom to change, to create a melody, to be music, to do a spell. For these important details, Cherry is the didgeridoo ideal for a musician as well as a tool for meditation, for the sound warm and embracing, for its frequencies, for the love with which it was built and cared.


WOOD: cherry coming from our Piedmont hills, Unesco heritage.

LENGTH: 270 cm

NOTE: High drone FA# bass drone SOL

These two drones are precise, playable in a totally separate way. The high drone with his toot and its voltage, the low drone  with its own tension and toot.

MOUTHPIECE: resin and quartz. Designed to make easy to manage double drone, so you can switch between them approaching and moving away minimally your lips.

PROCESSING:  impeccable interior, finished in fire.

FINISH: special fiber processing. Precious natural oils.

Cherry has already started its journey, is where it needs to be, so it is not available, not here, not by me.
If you want to contact me, feel free to do so, writing on


FOTO GALLERY (Cherry Tree- didgeridoo double drone) . Photo kindly taken by my friend Stefano.


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