Didjeridoo orgone Crystal Sea made by the Emeralds tree

Crystal Sea Didjeridoo Orgone made by The Emeralds Tree

Crystal Sea is born from a beautiful tall and imposing linden tree, grown close to the road and then become bulky.
After putting it to dry for years, a nice surprise awaited me!
The base had become the home of dozens of huge woodworms. Long snow-white worms had dug the bark leaving deep furrows.
The interior was perfect.


Wood: Linden wood,
from the Piedmontese hills.

Note: C (tuning based on diapason 432 hz)

Length 242 cm

Crystal Sea, the deep.

Concert instrument with ideal characteristics for direct sound massage.

Construction details:

I dug minutely and in a harmonious way, then burned the excavation along its entire length.
The interior has been further consolidated and made waterproof by diversifying the sectors.

1st Sector: The first part coated with the now known “the emeralds tree” resin, quartz, glass and shungite mix.

2nd Sector: The central part only burnt and given turapor with natural mix of oils and bio resins.

3rd Sector: The final part again covered in shungite powder and resin.

4th Sector: The upper mouth and the final crown of the bell, finally, coated in resin-copper-brass

The instrument must lead the energy of the player, become “contaminated”, must enrich itself with intention and awareness.

For this reason the rivers excavated by the insects were filled with almost 500g of hyaline quartz, citrine, amethyst, copper, shungite.
The linden then took 50 shades of blue,  protected with natural oils.

The materials used and the processing method, make Crystal Sea a Orgone didjeridoo.

Sound details:
Sound-bodied, high, rich in harmonics.
Impressive ease in complex breathing.
Voice with beautiful timbre
Light and vibrant to the touch.


Association First Chakra MULADHARA ,
The center of the root that is responsible for the evolution of consciousness nature (prakriti).
It is the chakra from which consciousness enters the physical body at birth.
It is the chakra which are absorbed the energies of the Earth and the tensions in excess downloaded through the sexual act. Are included in this sphere the basic needs of the individual related to survival.

Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Color: Red
Sound: UM
Animal: animals related to the earth element for strength and weight, ox, bull, elephant
Stones: ruby, coral, magnetite, garnet, jasper, onyx, obsidian, tomalina, agate …
Corresponding body: Physical Body.
Powers traditionally associated with: Control of the mind and breath, knowledge of Kundalini, the energy earthly and material, knowledge of past, present and future.
Function: allows the individual to stay in touch with Mother Earth to survive. Stability, ability to establish itself in the material plane, prosperity, in every sense. It produces a sense of physical and mental harmony in relationship to nature; is related to sexual vitality, adaptability and survival in the world, satisfies the needs of primordial such as food, water, air, refuge.

Custom made artistic case made by hand, fitting, protective and beautiful.

Price: DIDGERIDOO Crystal Sea (with custom-made padded case) NOT available anymore
For information on currently available didgeridoos, contact us at info@theemeraldstree.com


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