Yoga Meditation singing and Didgeridoo

February 14, 2016 in Blog, Events by the Emeralds tree

Sunday, February 21, 2016, from 10.00 to 12.00, at Yoga Studio, in Bra, CN, Piazza XX Settembre 22. ITALY

Event in collaboration.
Didgeridoo of The Emeralds Tree.
Music and voices: Daniele Pasquero and William Vitale

Hatha yoga accompanied by diapason 432 hz, to prepare the next relaxation: a sound meditation lasting approximately 1 h.

yoga meditation didgeridoo

“We are dreamers. If desires move the matter, we edify dreams, in Sound City where every breath is vibration, and every movement is a new direction.
What do we do? Music for the soul, with didgeridoo and overtone singing. We use instruments made by hand (by The Emeralds tree) and tuned using ancient diapason, in accordance with the universal laws.
We organize active listening sessions, the private concert lasts for about an hour, and is supported by the musicians, the colors, by breathing, by the people and by the power of the vibrations.
During the session, the energy level rises touching the highest peaks and increasing the vibrational frequency, personal and collective. The result is intimate sound experience, full and powerful.
We will combine listening to the practice by proposing some of the most simple group exercise, for a small true initiation into Harmonic Consciousness and the great potential that this offers us.
Reclaim Harmonic consciousness is our right, and a means to a more intimate contact with the higher vibrations. ”

STUDIO YOGAStudio Yoga, sede di Bra, piazza XX settembre 22
Contributo per la pratica €25
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I am sure it is experience to try, for themselves and for the community. For questions please contact us, or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates. We are in Piedmont, near Alba, land of wine and truffles, can be an opportunity to visit the UNESCO heritage hills and the castles famous in the world.


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