Vibrational Music 7th chakra HORMONIC FREE DOWNLOAD

February 14, 2016 in Blog, Music by the Emeralds tree

Vibrational music 7th Chakra and HORMONAL BALANCE
323Hz – 361Hz (real human overtones)


Composition of real voices and instruments with only two continuous predominant frequencies around 323 Hz and 361Hz. Designed for a pleasant cycle of meditation and for the sound effectiveness.

“When the vibrations awaken the vital energy of the cells, they create a restricted inner happiness, in the depths of ourselves”

How to use this type of sound:

  • For private listening from Youtube is recommended the use of headphones, you can acquire a good habit by offering yourself a daily listening, for a maximum 2-3 cycles at a time and in absolute silence. The time for yourself is always time well spent. The headphones are used to grasp as much as possible all the sound nuances.
  • It is very useful as a base in the deep meditations, individual and group, and to accompany inner song
    and overtone singing.

Useful things to know before you use this sound sequence:

The audio files that you have heard or you are listening to, above, is of excellent sound quality, THEN undergoes compression -of course- is need and arbitration of You Tube, which revises the files loaded to optimize, at the expense of real frequencies on which was based the loaded piece. Mine like all the other songs loaded and shared on the platform.

To benefit from the frequencies in a more intimate way, valuable and truthful, I have decided to make available download of Hormonic files in wav, for FREE

You can have the file for personal and professional use.
You can share this article and material quoting the source .

To download click on the cd below
the file is large (62 mb)



HORMONIC free download


Instruments and composing : DANIELE PASQUERO
Voices, overtones : WILLIAM VIDALE
Location and instruments by The emeralds tree
AoM – arti olistiche e musicali – Govone – cn –





L’albero di Smeraldi – vibrational music –
link you tube
more than 44.000 views

The frequencies make vibrate our cells like bells. Articolo.

Diapason Frequenza del Cuore 432 Hz
Diapason Frequenza del Cuore 432 Hz
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