Cosmo Didgeridoo

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There is something special in the folds of this magnificent didgeridoo, it leaves you with a powerful feeling, maybe it’s the night, the Cosmos that he carries inside, or the Abyss that crosses it to end up inside you, returning to the primordial song, at the height of the diaphragm, where it all began.

Cosmo, details:
Apricot wood, Piedmontese hills origin. (Italy)

Note: C # (tuning based on diapason 432 hz)

1° Toot B (stessa ottava del drone)
2° Toot A

Length 217 cm

Cosmo, the magnificent.

It was made from an apricot tree trunk, 30 years old, born and raised in the Piedmont hills, Unesco heritage.

The first part of Cosmo consists of four regular and thin sections, the second half is entirely dedicated to the volumes and the complexity of the bell.

Its shape is harmonious, characterized by a very large and extensive harmonic case, obtained thanks to the particular twist of the wood.

The instrument is – by experience – of great concert impact at all levels. In particular for holistic and meditative sessions.

Sound Details: The first toot is in the same octave of the drone. The thrust is fantastic, the harmonics are complex and subtle, the volume is important and majestic .

It’s warm, enveloping, it fills the room and the mind.

Association First Chakra MULADHARA ,
The center of the root that is responsible for the evolution of consciousness nature (prakriti).
It is the chakra from which consciousness enters the physical body at birth.
It is the chakra which are absorbed the energies of the Earth and the tensions in excess downloaded through the sexual act. Are included in this sphere the basic needs of the individual related to survival.

Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
Color: Red
Sound: UM
Animal: animals related to the earth element for strength and weight, ox, bull, elephant
Stones: ruby, coral, magnetite, garnet, jasper, onyx, obsidian, tomalina, agate …
Corresponding body: Physical Body.
Powers traditionally associated with: Control of the mind and breath, knowledge of Kundalini, the energy earthly and material, knowledge of past, present and future.
Function: allows the individual to stay in touch with Mother Earth to survive. Stability, ability to establish itself in the material plane, prosperity, in every sense. It produces a sense of physical and mental harmony in relationship to nature; is related to sexual vitality, adaptability and survival in the world, satisfies the needs of primordial such as food, water, air, refuge

Construction details: Cosmo has a unique sound and three special finishes.
The main section is precise and compact, the central part is soft and natural, and finally the bell characterized by an external cut, dug and covered with Shungite, Tomalina and Quarzo. It is a window on the Universe, on the infinite, on the Beyond, where the sound accompanies us. The same precious stones cover the interior.

Mouthpiece resin and quartz as tradition of The emeralds tree.

Price: DIDGERIDOO Cosmo ((with custom-made padded case) CURRENTLY NOT FOR SALE
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