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July 28, 2015 in Blog by the Emeralds tree


La Gazzetta d’Alba, luglio 2015

And here we are in a period full of emotions and pictures, the kind that will be remembered. I met many people, picked up projects, played, built, I lived intensely and learned new things. Every now and then, I remember that I should update this site more often, to give me new exchange opportunities.

The fervor of wonders, so I would call this hot time very hot, made of wasps that seek drops of water to drink, vineyards deserted until evening, village festivals dedicated to the patron saints, made of tomatoes to harvest and dry, days in which i caress the sun’s reflection in the hair of my daughter, who has in her eyes the color of the sky, and the delighted surprise of who is discovering the world in the small things.

We have restructured part of the house, getting a big empty space, and what he could become anything, it has become a temple (it becomes every time we begin to play). Certainly there is still some work here and there, but we have begun to organize evenings dedicated and specific, of active listening. I’ve already said, we are dreamers !.

If wishes move the matter, we want to build dreams, into town of sound where every breath is vibration, and every movement is a new direction. We can not avoid the miracle that takes place in a room, where space itself expands and contracts.

However, this is a private initiative, nothing to advertise, only twelve guests each time and you can get an invite only by those who are already been here, in practice you can join us only by “recommendation”. I liked to share with you my new journey, because who knows, maybe among you there are those who want to delve into certain topics, there are those who look for inspiration, there are those who have suggestions ..

For me, to update this space, it should mean added to the didjeridoo available those that actually are, but we always put “just a moment” to do so, and it takes me so much, that some of the didjeridoo ready to be shown to the world, go away before receiving this step. Now, for example, I have some didje to add to the list, these are didge I’m very proud, high-impact, scenic and volumetric.

They were born at sunrise of each new day. I discovered that I prefer to work in the dark of the early morning, when the world sleeps in his bed, and see the sun rise above the castle. There is silence, the air is cool, I listen every awakening. At 5:30 I’m already on the wood, without any rush.

Summer Solstice 2015 - Bergolo, Alta Langa (Italy) -Picture by Fulvio Silvestri -

preparation before midbight concert -Summer Solstice 2015 – Bergolo, Alta Langa (Italy) -Picture by Fulvio Silvestri –

I took to my last “little children”  some pictures that I could use here on the web site,  recorded some audio track to be enclosed, and maybe this time I can add something. BUT, it’s vacation time, if you are traveling pass here, if you’re on a trip between wineries and truffles, come and personally see the “collection”, constantly moving. I can also accommodate a camper, you write me and we organize.

I shared with you some pictures in this article, they are images that portray certain situations that have contributed to this season of joy,
I have not told the story, and that’s okay, these photos reveal a low voice the emotions of the heart.
I send a warm hug.

the sunrise on Govone

the sunrise on Govone

working on didgeridoo at sunrise

working on didgeridoo at sunrise

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